Optimal Feeling


What is Biomagnetic Adjustment? 

Biomagnetic Adjustment is a technique with magnets that only uses the north side of the magnet. The north side of the magnet is alkaline and absorbs issues at their core. The Biomagnetic Adjustment Therapy is the only magnetic therapy that uses solely the north side. It is also the only magnet therapy that takes all hygienic precautions necessary so that there is no energetic contamination or contagion between clients nor with the vitalist therapist. The results of relief in the body are obvious and speak for themselves. It is an excellent complimentary therapy to anything you already use.

What does the Biomagnetic Adjustment Therapy do?

The Biomagnetic Adjustment normalizes the Ph levels in the body so that the body can perform its functions at the cellular level with ease.  It gets rid of inflammation.   By using the north polarity of magnets, we can recreate the effect that we would get if we were in constant contact with the earth and getting grounded.  The earth is the ultimate north polarity magnet that we need to be in contact with, but no longer connect with in our modern lives.  We need the negative charges from the ground, or artificially, the north polarity of the magnets since we are constantly absorbing positive charges in our modern world.