Optimal Feeling

About Us

We are Abigail, Estela, and Nancy. We are three sisters who were searching for a better solution to our health and vitality.  Combined, we have tried many different modalities and have found some relief.  We have even traveled long distances regularly to get the help and relief we needed. 

Abigail made a breakthrough when she found Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  Its effects were so deep, it seemed unbelievable.  She was able to overcome emotional scars that had seemed permanent for this lifetime.  She immediately shared this with her sisters.  Meanwhile, Nancy and Estela found Biomagnetic Adjustments.  The physical relief they felt from the Biomagnetic Adjustments had them feeling so good that they knew they had found something special.  They were traveleing regularly to Mexico to get help with aches and pains that had no other medical solutions.  

One day we realized that we could better help ourselves and others by learning how to use these modalities ourselves.  We haven't looked back.  All of us are certified to do the Biomagnetic Adjustment treatment and it has been an amazing tool for ourselves, our families, our friends and clients.  We are able to help others eliminate the physical setbacks that challenge the day to day life. 

With Biomagnetic adjustments along with EFT we have been helping clients free their lives from the excess emotional baggage and physical burdens they’re carrying. That way clients can take steps forward in their lives and rediscover simplicity and fun. We specialize in both physical and emotional wellness so as to open the door to your most Optimal Feeling possible.

Abigail is certified by Carol Look, EFT Master, as an EFT Coach. In addition to the Biomagnetic Adjustment Certification, she has taken one year of Eden Energy Method Foundations. With EFT, Abigail helps others figure out what is hindering their most productive possibilities and then helps them break down any challenges. It could be help with self-care, work life balance, mindset, relationship issues or other challenges that block the most Optimal Feeling. 

We are happy to help you find that feeling you've been looking for, the feeling you used to have and miss... your most Optimal Feeling.